Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beauty and Bibles

Once again, I found some really cool tutorials on YouTube.

This is a video showing the best and easiest way to do a French Tip manicure.

I did it myself.....but didn't think it would actually work so I just slapped it on without shaping my nails or doing my cuticles.  It took me about 2 minutes.

Not too bad!! I will most definitely do this again.

I don't really know anything about fashion or beauty or any of that stuff.  I usually wear very little make up or none at all (see picture above).  But I found some really cool eye make-up tutorials.  There was one for a bronze-smokey-eye, one for smokey-eyeliner, and one for making your eyelashes look fake. I kinda put them all together to get this.

I am really self-conscious when I wear this.

It feels like way way too much.

But I thought there was something kinda cool about it.

What do you think??

Speaking of vanity and striving after the wind (Get it?? Ecclesiastes.. King Solomon... anyone?), my new Bible came in the mail!!!  Isn't it pretty????

A few months ago I sent a Bible and a Reasoning Book (basically a mini Bible encyclopedia) to be bound together into one book.  Don't you love the speckles??

My name is even embossed on the bottom of the cover (which I am strategically hiding with my hand...I'm so clever).  I absolutely love it and could not be happier! 


I broke up with Scale....and hooked up with Ben & Jerry.  It was just a rebound thing. Nothing serious. But I know when I'm beat.  I gave "eating junk in moderation" a real try.  I think I did pretty good for the first 2 weeks.  And then...then...I couldn't even tell you.

I feel like a witness to a hit and run accident.  Everything was a blur. It all happened so fast.  There was a lot of screaming...

However, when I walked into BigLots and walked out with a bag of salt & vinegar potato chips and a family pack of Rice Krispy treats, I knew it was time to hit the reset button.  Let's just start over.

Hello Fat Smash Diet: Phase 1..... it's been a while. Good to see you again.

That means I'm having this for breakfast.

Steel Cut Oats with Berries

I made Split Pea Soup, Avgolemono Soup, and Coconut Lime Soup for lunch. And I'm having veggie stir fry for dinner.

Basically the most exciting thing in my lunch box is this....


These little guys look like the love child of an orange and an olive. They look like super tiny oranges.

And you eat the skin and everything. They are super sour yet sweet.  Kinda like a healthy WarHead.

On a happy note, my 50 Pound Reward is HERE!!!

It's so pretty!  I admit that I have a hard time with self control (Big surprise, I know...) and I did wear it already.  Ironically, the clasp kept coming undone....making the watch almost fly off my wrist a few times.  I brought it to a really cool jewelry store up the street and he tightened the clasp (for freeee) and that fixed it.  But I tucked it safely in my jewelry drawer.

Hopefully come June 1st when Scale and I reunite, I will be down to 225 pounds and can slap that sucker on my wrist!!