Monday, July 2, 2012


Weight:  239.4
Week: +1.2
Total Loss:  35.6

To say I had a rough time this week would be like saying the Captain of the Titanic had a rough time.  It wasn't good.  I was so tired. So very tired.  I felt hopeless and discouraged.  I was kinda sorta holding it together until I couldn't find my phone charger.....and collapsed on the bed in the middle of the afternoon in a pathetic state of tears and whining.

Hubs must have known something was wrong before I did, because earlier that day he surprised me with these....

I decided to spend a whole day getting rid of a ton of STUFF around my house. I brought two car loads of STUFF to Goodwill.  I cleaned and organized my kitchen cabinets and drawers. I did the same for the drawers, shelves, and cabinets in my living room.  Getting rid of all the extra THINGS immediately made me feel better. 

I don't really know where this exhausted feeling is coming from.  At one point I was diagnosed with anemia.  And I haven't taken iron supplements in years.  I got a mulit-vitamin that has iron and hopefully that will help.  I was also worried that my blood sugar might be high.  I got a blood glucose monitor from a friend who has diabetes (yes, new needle!)  and tested my blood.  Fasting is 112.  And 3 hours after eating was 75.  I have gotten so much mixed information about what those numbers mean.  But I think it means I am pre-diabetic.  Bleck....don't really want to think about that.

The only thing to do about it is what I am doing already.  Eat right and exercise.

"A pint of sweat, saves a gallon of blood." 
 - General George S. Patton

I don't really want to think about my weight either.  I did gain 1.2 lb this week.  And that is crappy. But I know why. And I'm not beating myself up.  I need to remember that I like eating healthy and exercising.  And I really really do.  Exercising is one of my favorite things to do.  I never thought I would say that.  I made some delicious stuff this weekend.  I will put the recipes in a future post.  

Right now I'm just focusing on enjoying my week of good food and good moves!

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  1. The great news is: even if you are pre-diabetic, like you said, you're doing something about it NOW and not in a few years where you'd be fully-blown. Maybe you just had an off day, we all have those.

    Although I am a firm believer in de-cluttering. Instantly makes me feel better as well. <3


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