Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Beauty School

I have been feeling extra super frumpy lately. I just can't find my Pretty. When I shower and dress at the gym in the morning, I am consistently amazed by how good everyone looks when they are done getting dressed. They look put together. I am so jealous. I watch the process and it's not all that different from what I do. But the end result is so much nicer.

Going up and down in weight does pose problems to my wardrobe. I only have 2 pairs of jeans that I wear right now. And they are both a bit too big. And I don't own any winter tops that fit. So I have been wearing a t-shirt and then putting one of two jackets on top. I have really been wanting a good haircut. Fun. Flippy. Flirty. Whenever I try to explain what I want to a hair stylist I never ever ever get it.

And half the time they end up cutting way too much off my hair, which is pretty long (half way down my back). And they never get the layers right. This reminded me of an old problem I used to have with my eye brows. My eyebrows are thick and I like them that way.... none of the people I paid to wax my eyebrows agreed with me. They always took way too much off. After the last massacre to my eyebrows (which are still bald in crucial spots) I decided to take matters into my own hands. I bought professional waxing supplies. And have been doing my own eyebrows. And I love them. So, what about my own hair?

I had no doubt that I could cut someone else's hair the way I wanted mine....but how to do it to myself?? This problem was really eating at me. So I turned to the one place that was sure to have answers. Google. And she sent me to YouTube where I found this awesome video and a whole bunch of others, including demos on how to cut side swept bangs, and the twist cutting technique which makes perfect angles in your hair.

I felt really confident. I went home.... and cut my own hair. I even gave myself bangs.... and?

I....LOVE it!!! I am so excited! This morning in the dressing room I also brought my own blow dryer and a fat curling iron and did my hair. I am still in my frumpy clothes but I feel a lot better. Amazing what a good cut can do!


  1. You're much more brave than I am... but I have big, naturally curly, thick hair! It needs a professional or things could get bad very quickly. LOL

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!! I am so proud of you LOL


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