Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Locker Room

I am often baffled by the power of the locker room. Walking though the door is like stepping into an alternate reality where all social norms are cast aside and no *real-life* rules apply. It's a crazy and twisted world where the only stipulation required to strip in front of another person is that the same institution drafts an exorbitant fee from both of your bank accounts every month.

It's funny to watch how different people react to this topsy turvy world. Some attempt to change clothes without ever being completely naked. I really admire the ingenuity of this group. It involves a strategically placed towel and two bras being on at the same time at one point. Not sure how they do it, but the effort is greatly appreciated.

Then there's the other group that depends heavily on timing. This is the group I fall into. I reconcile to the fact that when in Rome, I must do as the Romans. I reluctantly will be seen in just bra and undies... but finagle things so no one is actually around when I let it all hang out. This of course isn't fool-proof. There are times when it's unavoidable. But I move at the speed of light to make sure I get covered up as fast as possible.

That leaves the last group. The *naked-loving* group. I can't stand this group. They love being naked. They weigh themselves naked, dry their hair naked, put on their make up naked. I even caught one of them leaving the curtain to the shower open while they were in there!! Maybe I am not as confident in my body as I should be. And maybe my body isn't as *naked-ready* as it could be. So I'm sure I'm a bit more sensitive to this issue.....but I still maintain, that the rule is if you are in the shower and a CURTAIN is provided, USE it. Always.
The very worst though, is when these people don't feel like they are getting ENOUGH attention and.... decide....to...TALK to you. While naked. I'm still a newbie when it comes to Locker Room Law, but I'm pretty sure that violates some kind of rule or ordinance. At least slap on a pair of undies before you start asking me how my workout was.
Speaking of my workout, it was great. I did 30 mins on the treadmill and then 15 minutes on the elliptical. Which was hard. Really really hard. Don't I look like I really kicked butt??


  1. OMG you are so right about the naked loving group.. It is all that and worse in the men's room let me tell you. Wish you had the "follow" option on your blog-I would have followed. Did I miss it?

  2. Hehehehe! I laughed at the Locker Room Law! :D I don't change at the gym, since I live only 5 minutes away. Thank god :D

  3. Maybe they have different intentions than you do at the gym???? Just sayin' ... "how was your workout?" not a bad pickup line... LOL

  4. Thanks Leah!! Maybe my bod is more *naked-ready* than I thought :-)

  5. OMG this post totally made me LOL for real. So true and you got the groups of different people down! Except you forgot one group... the group I belong to which runs into the bathroom stalls to change. Totally not comfortable changing in front of anyone, even if I'm bra and undies.


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