Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pink Elephant

If you ask me how much I weigh, I could probably give you a good guess. Maybe 250? Not quite sure.

I'm 5'2'' so the most common follow-up question is "Aren't you doing anything about your weight?"

The truth is, I spend my whole life doing SOMEthing about my weight. Half of the time that something is trying to lose weight. The other half of the time that something is IGNORING it. Although the ignoring is way more fun and easy, it's also way more time consuming. I don't get a break from ignoring it. It's a rigorous Ignoring Schedule.

I ignore it in the morning when I try to get dressed and my clothes are too small...and on the ride to work when my seat belt is digging into my flab...and at night when my back hurts cuz its been lugging around my big butt all day.

So what do you do when ignoring all the junk in your trunk turns out to be more work than actually doing something to get rid of it?

Only one thing TO do. You grab that pink elephant in the room, look right into it's eyes....and's you.

Hello, I'm Pink Elephant. I'm DONE ignoring it. I am going to lose 100 pounds.

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