Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brown Haired Girl

On my last hair post, Blog Wobble left me a comment mentioning a sock bun.  I had never heard of it before and quickly jumped on YouTube (per her suggestion).  I was amazed. How had a never heard of this before?  You can watch a video about it here. There are two different ways to do it.  After making a donut out of a sock like that video shows, you can roll your hair into it (like that video also shows) or you can wrap your hair around it and pin it.  I tried it and was pretty amazed.  But the sock showed through my hair.  I didn't want my bun to have white sections poking through.  That's when I found this amazing video.  It showed this brown donut hair thing that hides better in your hair.  It comes in blonde and black too.

I ran out and snagged one of these for $3.00. 

I absolutely love it. So fast. I roll my hair in it.  It takes 1 minute. It makes my bun look huge.  Love that.

Here is a pic of what it looked like when I threw it in my head in the car right after I bought it. No mirror, no brush, no hair tie. Not bad!

Here's another one...

Then I decided to wear it at work.

Here's another pic.

Vanity is NOT my proudest personality trait :-)

I just rolled it up and used two bobby pins to secure the pieces that got missed.


  1. OMG! I HEART these things, whatever they are called! I have two of them and I use them ALL the time, it's pretty much my standard to wear an exaggerated chignon.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to note that your hair is beautiful! Shiny and silky and the bun looks FANTASTIC!

    1. thanks!!! you are such a cheerleader. i love it!


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