Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fat Friend

A came across this article mentioning studies that show that being fat is contagious.  It basically says that the more friends you have that are fat, the more likely you are to be (or become) fat.  The thought is that if you surround yourself who feel being fat is socially acceptable it changes the social norms and makes you think it's ok for you to pack on the pounds.

I had to laugh when I read that the thinking behind this is because studies show that the majority of fat people (especially teen girls) are friends with other fat people. Ummm....yeah, no kidding. Try being a fat girl in High School.  Your social options are rather limited. We Fatties know enough to stick together.

Even though I think this notion is basically ridiculous, it did get me thinking.  When I get super serious about eating right and exercising, one of the first things to change (besides the contents of my refrigerator) is who I spend time with.  I start making plans to be active.  The people who turn me down for a bike ride and suggest going out for ice cream instead do not make my "who-to-call-next-weekend-to-go-for-a-walk" list.  When I suggest a healthy restaurant for dinner and it gets turned down because "they only serve rabbit food", then that person is not on my "who-to-call-to-go-to-dinner" list. It's just the way it is. It just happens.

The funny thing is, when I stop to think about the friends I have who are willing to go for a walk and eat rabbit food with me, I realize that the majority of them are my FAT FRIENDS.  And I don't have many fat friends.  But the ones I have are all about losing weight. And trying to eat right and exercise as much as possible. They are the ones that I can count on to make my weekend outing a healthy one

So think twice before you turn your nose up at a fat girl!! She could be the key to your dream bod :-)

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