Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Journey Journal

Tracking is so important for me when I'm trying to lose weight. I have to keep a daily record of what I'm eating, my exercise, and how I'm feeling.  However, it's not always easy to do this.  Sometimes I just don't feel like it.  I have to make it fun.

The first step is to find a journal that I really really really like.  It has to be adorable.  And the paper needs to feel good to write on.  This is what mine looks like.

The second step is to get a really nice pen that feels good to write with, some colorful markers and a bunch of happy stickers.  I try to find stickers that are related to healthy eating.  I have some veggie ones and fruit ones and some of My Little Ponies eating apples.  Look at that cute Lettuce Head!

On the inside cover of my journal I have a spot where I put a sticker for every day I have stayed on plan.  It's a nice way to look and see your progress.  The more those stickers pile up the happier I feel.

The front page is labeled *My Weigh* (Like Frank Sinatra....."I did it myyyy wayyyy"...get it?  Never mind.)  This is where I record my weigh-ins.

Each week I write what I have planned to eat that week.  This might sound silly, but sometimes the calorie deficit affects my brain and I can't remember what I bought at the grocery store and I am standing in my kitchen thinking "There is NOTHING to EAT."  I grab my journal, flip to this page and remind myself that YES there IS healthy food to eat in this house.....step AWAY from the car keys.  No fast food for you!

Each night I jot down what I ate and when, my water intake, and my exercise. I also write down how I am feeling that day.  I slap a sticker or two on that page as a *good job* reward.

I use a whole page to record my weekly weigh-in and give myself space to write about what I liked about the week and what I didnt't.

At the end of the week, Hubs writes me a little note with his observations and thoughts on how I did that week.  (Awwww....he's so cute.)

I often go back and flip through it to look for any connections between how I'm feeling and how I'm eating.  If I had a good week I flip through and see what helped.  If I had a bad week I flip through to see where I may have gone wrong.

It really helps keep me on track.

What about you?? How do you keep track?  How do you make it fun?


  1. That - is - awesome!!!!

    Don't you love when you have those moments of clarity that YES, we're grown ups now, but YES, we can still enjoy all the same adorable fun stuff we loved as kids? Like stickers? And cute notebooks? And fun to write with pens/markers? And the best part NOW is that you're the one who gets to decide exactly what you get and when.

    I've been really enjoying MyFitnessPal for 3 weeks now, but honestly, after seeyour blogpost, I am feeling like I'm missing out on a lot more fun without the hard copy to personalize. (I'd attach a string around a gluestick to my pad, and use it to glue in images from my Athlete and Title9 catalog, and Shape magazine, etc... All my motivation pics.

    Wow - I want a journal like yours!!

    1. i love myfitpal too! i like how it has all the charts, etc. plus, i go through written journals pretty fast....and it's nice to have one place where all your data is right there for you.

      great idea about the glue stick!!! i love putting pics in my journal and i haven't been doing it lately.

  2. I love your journal. I am not that creative, I rely on blogging, and tracking my on livestrong... supper easy, but not fun.

    1. thanks! that works too. livestrong? hmmm i will check that out.

  3. I totally agree!! Journaling is so very important!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that your husband writes you a note!! Thats awesome!!

    1. isn't he a sweet heart? it's so nice to have some one cheering me on. and nice to see his observations through the week too.

  4. "remind myself that YES there IS healthy food to eat in this house" <----I SO need to start doing this!

    My Little Pony stickers! You just made me smile! Now I want MLP stickers, and a journal with cute veggie ones too.

    I really dig that your track & link what's going on in your life with how you did with the program, because we forget, and how are we supposed to preempt a repeat? Totally digging the idea of starting one. On a hunt for notebook.

    Also, it's so great that your hubs is so supportive!

    (Already have a "box" of calligraphy pens, and highlighters, but no stickers!)

    1. i really get brain freeze when it comes to food. funny i NEVER forget when there are chips in my cupboard and ice cream in my freezer, but i will completely forget the fact that i have yogurt and watermelon and frozen cherries :-)

      haha. yes. i love stickers. i am looking for some rainbow brite ones :-)

      yes, some times when i realize i have been tired all week i realize i havent been eating enough during the day or my breakfast has been too carby, etc.

  5. I love, love your journal, I just use the weightwatchers one, which I have to admit I do like but seeing yours reminds me that there is so much more that I could be writing or tracking that would help give me focus and keep me more on track, maybe its time I switched over to one of my own, taking the bits I like about ww and others I wish it included.

    I love your stickets by the way, nothing better than turning a page and seeing them on it, makes it so much brighter and more enjoyable!


  6. A journal is such a good idea! I use an online tracking tool for my food, Google docs for my training, and really, my blog for my thoughts and feelings. But writing it down and getting it out is so healthy for your progress!


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