Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brown Haired Girl

In another post a long time ago, I mentioned that I had cut my own hair using my YouTube education.  I didn't have a camera at the time and some one requested I post a picture of it.  This is all I got....

As much as it irritates me when I see girls at the gym in full make-up and styled hair, I have to admit I tried it.  I wanted to see if I could get my hair looking big, bumpy, messy, and in a bun.  How did I do?

Most headbands don't stay in my head, so I have to pick function over fashion in this area. But I thought it was pretty stinkin' cute!


  1. Self-haircut! Yes! I layered my own hair and if I may say so myself, it kind of rocks! Also, the messy bun is awesome! I love it! Did you use pins?

    I don't do full make-up to gym, but if I have it on already, I just leave it, so I'm sure some people at my gym just roll their third eye.

    Not one hairband has ever stayed in place while I work out. Ever. I love how they look, but I guess I'm doomed to bobby pins and braids.

  2. That is cute! I'm always jealous of the girls with the good gym hair, too. :(


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