Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Noticing Nosy Neighbors

Our neighbors are the reason God created fences.  They don't work and are home all the time and love being in your business and complaining about everything.  We just smile and say, "Oh, okay, no problem. Thanks for letting us know!"  And do our best to keep the peace.  A fast way to make your life miserable is to be in an all out war with the people that live next door to you.  For the most part, we just try to avoid them all together.

So when I got home yesterday and my neighbor ran up to me I cringed silently and slapped on a fake grin.  Now what?  Before I could even get to my door he had caught up with me and said, "WOW! You have lost a LOT of weight.  I mean a LOT of weight!"

Awww.  He's my new best friend. I want to love him and hold him and squeeze him.  He is the FIRST person who has said ANYthing to me about me having lost weight.   

And no, he most definitely was NOT coming on to me.  He is in a long term relationship with his boyfriend  80)

I still feel really good about things. I am determined to *keep-on-keepin'-on* this week.  I started the morning with 40 minutes on the elliptical.  Wow! I am so proud of myself.  The elliptical really kicks my but and only a few short weeks ago I could only do 10 minutes at a time.

See how many calories I burned??  434!

I also packed healthy snacks.

Like raw asparagus spears.

And a 100 calorie pack of raw almonds.

And some rockin' strawberries....ooooh....pretty.

I noticed that my snacks were very *Sesame Street* in their Color Orange Theme.

My shirt is also an orange-ish yellow-ish.  I must be craving Vitamin C or Sunshine or something!  The weather is supposed to be wonderful so I will most definitely be getting some sun.  Tomorrow I am headed to the beach for a long walk.  Will have pictures!


  1. Wohoo! It's always awesome when someone asks if you lost weight! Great job on the elliptical! It always amazes me that I can burn as many calories on it as on stationary bike and even running :)
    Strawberries look so yummy!

    Have fun at the beach, don't forget sunblock. I always forget sunblock.

  2. Thanks! It does feel good. My face lotion has sunblock or I would always forget too :-) I put it on begrudgingly!

  3. My neighbor just did something similar to me the other day! Must be something in the air.

    Great job on 40 minutes on the elliptical! That is NOTHING to turn your nose up at. :)

    1. No kidding! That elliptical means business :-) That's great that your neighbor noticed too!! I guess in the winter we stay hidden in our houses and when we go out we are bundled up in 100 layers. The sunshine and warmer weather brings us outside...and with less clothing :-) We are all getting a better look at each other!

  4. awww that is so nice!! And you look SUPER pretty modeling the Asparagus LOL


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