Thursday, March 15, 2012

Couch to One Mile (C21M)

I have tried the Couch to 5K.  Didn't work for me.  Couldn't do it.  I have been walking 3-5 times a week now for about 6 weeks.  This is note worthy because I have never been a walker. It's super boring and so I choose Zumba, Kickboxing, Step, Biking, Elliptical, anything else.  The problem is that if you want to run, you have to start by walking.  Well, I decided I could try again.  But a 5K is way too much to reach for.  I googled "Couch to One Mile" and found a training program.  The first week you are supposed to do 10 minutes of intervals: 30 seconds jog, 30 seconds walk.  I didn't want to do this on a treadmill because it's too hard to try to change your speed every 30 seconds.  And I was very nervous about injuring myself.  Which is a valid concern.  I have plantar fasciitis issues and hip issues.  I am extremely overweight and running is scary.  I felt like I could do 30 seconds at a time.

The opportunity arose yesterday.  I babysit my bestie's baby on Wednesdays.  It was a gorgeous unseasonably warm day.  Along with the baby, she showed up with this!!

A jogging stroller.

That afternoon, we went to the walking trail on the canal.

It was kinda creepy being by myself.  It was much more deserted than I had hoped.  And the highway runs over it so it's full of these shady underpasses which give it a very *a-troll-probably-lives-under-here* feel.

At one point this homeless man with a big shaggy beard was jogging down the trail.  It looked like he had a limp.  And even though the trail goes for miles and miles and miles, he ran past me four times.  Freaky.  I didn't know homeless people exercised.  Shouldn't they conserve their resources?  But it turned out that he was a peaceful homeless man and he did not attack me.  Catastrophe averted. 

It was time for me to start jogging myself.  I had a few false starts because I started getting really nervous.  I almost chickened out. I got really sad for a second.

I really want to run.  I decided to give it a go.  I did 4 intervals of 30 second jogging.  I could tell that if I kept it up I would get hurt.  And my feet and hip were the faintest bit sore that night.  But all in all, it went well! My first Couch to One Mile training complete!


  1. Congratulations on your complete training! The first time is the most difficult to overcome. Keep going!

    Ahaha, I totally got a similar creepy vibe running at the park the other day. Only this time of spring, when the trees are bare, do I get this feeling.

    Snow beautifies the park, fall is gorgeous, and summer, well it's summer.

  2. I couldn't do it either! I feel like any exercise is better than none and one mile still rocks!


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