Monday, March 12, 2012

Weigh-In: 242.8 lb (-4.4 lb)

Weight: 242.8 lb

Week Loss: -4.4 lb

Total Loss: -32.2 lb

I am so happy the scale showed how great I did last week. I enjoyed the ride. There was no stressing and worrying. I just lived and ate healthy and loved it.

The clock Sprung Ahead yesterday and I am trying to ignore the fact that even though my watch said 7am when I walked into the gym this morning that in real life it was actually 6am...well, at least my brain and body thought it was still 6am. Changing the clocks was not enough to trick my brains and body.

I got a late start so I only did this.

But it was better than nothing. And a good start!

I made up this funky recipe. I guess it's soup?

I put a flour tortilla in a bowl, put 3 oz of chopped chicken breast in it, and then covered it with tomato sauce and one low fat string cheese. I microwaved it for a minute and this is what came out. An 8 PointsPlus dinner. The tortilla got all crunchy and formed a bowl in itself. Tasty!

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