Thursday, March 22, 2012

Long Walk on the Beach

The weather has been amazing. It's usually snowing this time of year.  And it was 80 degrees yesterday. Sunny and gorgeous! It took ALL day to finally get there, but at 6:30 pm I was walking on my favorite trail on the lake.

Doesn't my shadow make me look tall and leggy?

My walking buddy had just bought new sneakers so I didn't make her walk in the sand.  But I did take a second to enjoy the pretty view.

Those people most definitely thought I was snapping a picture of them.  Some where some one is blogging about the creepy chubby girl stalking them at the beach yesterday. 

There is a NO SWIMMING sign posted (as you can see) but in the summer people don't give it a second glance as they run past it in their bathing suits. 

After the walk, we measured how far we had gone.  We went 1.2 miles up and then 1.2 miles down.  That's 2.4 miles all together.

Not bad!! And the trail is much longer so we could have kept going but it was getting dark.  So we decided it was time to go home.  When I got home, I had a tasty snack.

 Mmmmm.... Why is cheese sooo GOOD?  One of Life's Great Mysteries. 

I am really proud of myself for getting out there and enjoying all the paths and trails in my city!! There have been some Septembers where I realize that summer is OVER and I haven't done anything outside at ALL.  This feels so good!


  1. Yeah! The path along the walk looks gorgeous!

    I get the same way in the autumn, wondering why I didn't take more opportunities to do outdoor things. This summer, I am going to make it different.

    Great job, keep this up!

  2. Walking period is good exercise, but on sand is even more fantastic! :)


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