Monday, March 19, 2012

Mean Girl

Last Thursday a lady at the gym was really mean to me.  I have seen her many times before.  She comes out of the shower just after I do and we end up blowing our hair dry at the same time.  She is about 45 years old.  Even though I see her every morning, I have never spoken to her, because that's kinda the rule in the locker room.  No talky....pretend you don't see naked people.

Here's what happened.  I got to the blow dryer section of the locker room first.  I was drying my hair when she came in.  This is a huge area.  HUGE.  We were the only two people in there.  Yet, she plugs her dryer in RIGHT next to me.  She is standing SO close that I had to be super careful to not hit her with my brush.  Weird...  But I didn't think too much of it.  I finished up and went back to my locker.  I use the SAME locker every day.  And so does she.  She always picks the locker right behind mine in the same little section.

She walked behind me to get to her locker and I was putting on my jacket.  And I accidentally elbowed her.  Not tooooo hard, but definite contact.  So I go, "Oh, I'm sorry."  And she didn't say anything but kinda rolled her eyes and shook her head.  Did I imagine it?  Just to be sure I said, "I hope I didn't hurt you." And before I could finish my sentence. She snapped, "I'm fine!"  Hmmm. Guess I didn't imagine it. Then I said, "I'm only asking because you didn't say anything when..." Again before I could finish, she scoffed, rolled her eyes, said, "Excuse me!" and walked away.  What was THAT about?

I tried to shrug it off. She must just be having a bad morning right?  I of all people certainly can understand if someone isn't a morning person.  But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like she had something against ME.  The way she gave a contemptuous laugh and shook her head.  The way she refused to talk to me and then cut me off and then was snappish and then just stormed away.

Is it because I am fat?

Say whatever you want, but people do NOT like fat people.  Even other fat people aren't crazy about fat people.  And the poor lady does have to see me half naked almost every morning.  I can see why she wouldn't be thrilled about it.

Maybe I was in "her" spot in the hair dyer area?? Looking back, the spot I picked is where she normally is. It's in the corner so you have a mirror in front of you AND a mirror next to you.  Does she hate me because I snagged a valuable piece of Locker Room Real-estate

I finally settled on the likelihood of her just being a Mean Girl.  Snobby.  Rude.  There are plenty of people out there who are just nasty and don't need a reason.  I liked this conclusion because all the blame fit nice and neat in HER lap.  Which is where I liked it.  But something is telling me that I did something.  I am annoying.  Here are some things I do at the gym which are really annoying.

  1. I don't always wipe off my machine when I am done.  Yes, yes...I'm THAT person.  But I think it's really really ridiculous to wipe off my treadmill.  I barely TOUCH the thing.  It's not like I am dripping sweat all over it. 
  2. I caught myself singing in the shower one time.  I promise this was not on purpose.  I didn't realize I was doing it.  I have become so used to showering at the gym it feels like home.  It was just once and it wasn't super loud.  But once is one time too many, and any volume is too loud for gym shower.  
  3. I use my cell phone in the locker room.  I do not TALK on the phone.  And I do not initiate text messages.  But I will reply to them.  This is clearly ignoring the sign posted that says "Cell Phones Must Remain in Gym Bags at ALL Times While in the Locker Room!"  I get it.  You never know what sicko might be snapping photos and posting them online.  But my phone is my clock.  I use it to make sure I am not running late for work.  And I make sure to never ever face it toward any one.  But it does violate Locker Room Law. 
  4. I use two lockers.  This is annoying but there is hardly anyone there when I go.  So what's the big deal.  I have a LOT of stuff!
  5. I leave my gym bag on the locker room floor NEXT to my locker while I am showering.  It's just too hard to try to pull it out when I'm just in my towel.  The thing is huge and barely fits in there.  It's a major ordeal getting it in and out.  
These are just the things that I *realize* are annoying.  I probably do way more stuff that I don't even KNOW is irritating.
What things do people do at the gym that drive YOU crazy????  Please tell me you have some ANNOYING gym habits???

On a happier note, I went to Goodwill yesterday and got some great stuff.  Like this outfit.

A Lane Bryant shirt, new with tags, size 14/16.  And a pair of Target jeans size 18W short.  Target jeans must run huge because I am a size 22 right now.  (And yes, I took this picture in the Locker Room...but it was totally empty!!! Ok....make that #6 on the list above.)

Here's a quick breakfast pic...2 eggs with fat-free mozzarella and hot sauce with one piece of Ezekiel toast.  Yum!!


  1. I HATE it when I'm working my butt off in the gym... trying to breathe on the treadmill... and a girl takes the treadmill next to me drenched in perfume. I have actually had to leave the room because the perfume was SO strong. It also annoys me to see girls wearing makeup while they are working out... really??

    1. So true! I never ever wear perfume at the gym. I definitely don't put it on in the dressing room.

  2. I have never used a gym so I don't know the "rules" but hey, if that woman wants to treat you that way pretend she doesn't exist. I think people in general are a little more lenient here in Australia. You still of course get people who don't like you just because you are overweight, but in general being overweight is normal now. Which is sad, but you get what I am saying right?
    Your new outfit looks great!
    I really hope you join us in the Ready for Summer Challenge, we would love to have you!!

    1. I do get it. There are tons of fat people in the United States too. You'd think people would be over it by now, but the sad truth is, fat people are treated badly ALL the time.

      Thanks for the kind words!

  3. What a biatch. Ugh. I would completely ignore her. If she had scoffed at me whilst I was apologizing I would have said, "Shouldn't have been standin' there."

    People DO hate fat people, and I really don't understand that. In my experience, when I was heavier, I was VERY conscious about where my body was in relation to other people. And thin people fling themselves around without a thought... it's really quite annoying.

    1. Hahaha! Yup. I'm definitely taking your "ignore her" advice. Thanks!

  4. You know what.. F her.
    If she doesn't like you or find you annoying, so what! Nah, try to shake it off and do your thing. We're better than that!

    I second Blog Wobble, we would LOVE to have you!

    1. Thanks. I'm definitely shaking it off. I think she is just mean. She came into the locker room today and I was in front of my locker putting on lotion and as soon as she saw me it was the scoff and eye roll. Whatever. She can deal with it.

  5. Biggest gym pet peeve - people using their cell phones on the treadmill. True Story! I check my texts/email and such but would NEVER talk on my phone..ugh. As for the mean woman, she needs to get a life. Maybe she should watch where she puts her body in relation to the people around her.

    1. Having some one talk on their cell is super annoying. I second that!

  6. There has to at least one meany in the locker room. I think the universe is at balance this way. If it helps, think how horrible her life must be if she treats people this way. Not as in: she may be going through rough stuff right now, but just how horrible she must perceive her circumstances to be to grant herself the right to be such a biatch for something as little as an elbow nudge. She must be one confused laday, thinking: "Why aren't people treating me like a gift to humanity? I just don't understand!"

    So, occasionally after I run on a treadmill, the joy of finishing causes me forget to wipe down the equipment. You're not alone. I'm sure I break all kinds of rules and don't even realize it. Yet.

    My gym pet peeve is someone getting on a treadmill right next to a person when there is plenty of free stations for miles. Same goes in a stretching area. I once had a guy put his mat right next to mine while I was stretching. Awkward.

    1. That is so true. You are absolutely right. She must feel like her life is horrible and that every day is one terrible thing after another. That is really insightful!

      Glad to hear that I am not the only one who skips the wipe down at least SOME times.


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